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Freehold Vs. Leasing – What Do You Need to Know

When it comes to land ownership, you have the option to freehold or to lease. Before choosing freehold vs leasehold, it is essential to understand how each of them works. Land ownership in Singapore is a very sensitive matter.

If you are a foreigner who is planning to start a business, it is advisable to determine the right way to own land. The options are about choosing between freehold and leasing. It is essential to understand the conditions of the two types of ownership. Here is all you need to between freehold and leasing:

Freehold Property

Freehold property means that you own the building and the land. In this case, you will be responsible for taking care of the property and also the land the property sits on. Buying property on freehold might be expensive because you have ownership not only to the property but also to the land. This is an excellent way to own property for long term purposes. However, you need to make sure that you are ready with your responsibilities.


Advantages of Freehold Ownership

No Lease Running Out

When you own land on a freehold title, you will be sure that you will own land for a long time. This is entirely different from leasing when you own the property for a limited period depending on the lease period. With freehold ownership, you can continue with your business without worrying about the lease running out.

No Dealing with Landlord

Owning land on freehold title is important because you do not have to deal with the landlord. Dealing with the landlord when running your business can be difficult. With freehold ownership, you can continue running your business without interruptions.

One-Time Payment

With freehold ownership, you only make one payment. You do not keep paying money to the landlord all the time like someone who is leasing.



Leasehold property ownership means that you own the property but not the land. In this case, you are required to pay lease payments to the owner of the property. In this case, you do not have to worry about maintaining the property.

The landowner will be responsible for maintaining the property. However, you can get a leasehold land when you are looking for a property within a short period. Leasehold land ownership is ideal for business owners who do not want to deal with maintenance and want something in the short term.

Benefits of Using Aluminium in Construction

Aluminium is becoming a popular choice in construction. The material is easy to fabricate, and you can get different designs and styles. No matter the type of construction that you want to do, aluminium is an excellent option to consider. With aluminium, you can fabricate it into different designs and shapes.

Aluminium is now used in roofing and other construction projects like creating staircases. When using aluminium, from make sure that the fabrication job is done by an expert. Here are some benefits of using aluminium in the construction process:

Light Weight

constructionAluminium is one of the lightweight materials for construction. It is a suitable replacement for wood. This is why many people are now roofing with aluminium instead of wood. Aluminium is lightweight, and it does not add to the weight of the building.

In case you want to create a lightweight garage door, aluminium is a perfect choice. With an aluminium door, you do not have to deal with the bulkiness that comes with wood material.

Easy to Decorate

If you want to attain beauty in the construction process, using aluminium is the way to go. Aluminium is easy to curve, and this means that you can decorate it. In case you want to create a beautiful staircase, consider using aluminium instead of wood.

With aluminium you will be able to attain various shapes because the material can be easily fabricated. Some of the beautiful architectural designs that we have today are made using aluminium.


construction,Durability is everything in construction. When looking for construction material, you need to make sure that it will last for long. Aluminium is , but that does not mean that it is weak. It is one of the strongest materials available for construction.

Aluminium is now used for roofing because it is strong enough to handle the pressure of supporting a roof. It is strong and durable for most of the construction projects that need a lot of support.


When looking for construction material, you need to consider the weather effect. It is essential to choose a material that does not become weak or damaged under extreme weather.

For instance, wood is one of the materials that is affected by rainy weather. Iron is also affected by extreme weather because it starts rusting. If you want a material that will not be affected by extreme sunlight or rain, aluminium is a good option.

cleaning the chimney

Reasons to Clean Your Chimney Regularly

Regular chimney cleaning is advisable. You need to make sure that clean your chimney at least twice a year. The chimney plays an important role in our home. Unfortunately, we remember to clean other parts of the house and forget the chimney.

A chimney offers ventilation to your home. It is a great outlet for your furnace, boiler and even fireplace. If you are planning to clean your chimney, click here for professional cleaning. Here are some reasons to consider regular chimney cleaning:

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

man holding broomCleaning your chimney will make the heating efficient. With the high cost of heating, you need to make sure that you save energy in your home. One of the ways to save energy is to clean your chimney. Cleaning your kitchen removes all the accumulated dirt and debris.

The dirt and debris in the chimney can affect the proper flow of air. When the flow of air is blocked, it will be difficult for proper combustion to take place. If you want to improve efficiency in your home, make sure that you clean your chimney.

Increase Home Safety

Accidental fires are common in your home and can prevent them by cleaning your chimney. A dirty chimney is likely to cause fires in the home and especially if you have a fireplace in the home.

The fireplace is likely to cause a fire when it has dirt accumulated. To reduce the chances of an accidental fire in the chimney, make sure that you clean your chimney regularly.

Enhance Ventilation

A clean chimney will enhance ventilation in your home. If you want to keep your home well-ventilated, make sure that you clean your chimney regularly.

A clean chimney will allow proper flow of air in the home. When using firewood to heat your home, smoke is likely to accumulate in the home when the chimney is dirty. Keeping the chimney clean at all times will allow the proper flow of air.

chimney cleaning services

Enhance the Chimney Strength

If you want to enhance the strength of your chimney, make sure that you clean it regularly. Regular cleaning will prevent the need to do regular repairs.

A dirty chimney tends to overheat and to overheat is likely to cause cracks in the kitchen. Make it a routine to clean your chimney as a part of the maintenance process. Cleaning the chimney is an affordable way of servicing the chimney.